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What is referred to as bulky waste? Bulky waste is waste from private households, which due to their bulkiness can not be collected with household waste. The bulky waste includes, for example, televisions, cabinets, beds, dressers, sofas, loungers, air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, dishwashers, tables, chairs, electric radiators, shelves, mattresses. Even carpets, strollers, lawnmowers and bicycles are classified as bulky waste.
Dispose of bulky waste creates space in your house and yard and space for new things. Bulky waste is not just put on the road. It will be picked up on order or disposed of in the collection container. We pick up your bulky waste at an appointment agreed with you. Do not place your own bulky waste in foreign bulky waste collections, but always request your own bulky waste collection. Recyclable waste from bulky waste such as paper, wood, metals, etc. are sorted out and returned to the recycling cycle. Unusable waste residues are converted directly into energy.

In the recycling plants waste from construction and demolition, and bulky waste is then recycled. Using the recycling process, the incoming construction waste is processed there for further recycling. Residual waste, which can not be recycled, is deposited on secured landfills according to the waste disposal ordinance. All remaining materials extracted from the recycling process are transformed into energy sources or recyclables.

We pick up everything you want to get rid of and make it comfortable for you and as stress-free as possible.

We also dispose of hazardous waste such as batteries, paint residues, mineral oils, energy-saving lamps, medicines, and chemicals. The substances endanger the environment and must be collected and disposed of separately. Chemicals or chemical waste are properly packed and delivered to the appropriate final disposal facilities.

For household resolutions and apartment resolutions, we are also helpful. We take over the entire logistics and you save time and money. Our service also includes the dismantling of large and bulky furniture.
Whether a complete budget resolution, a Messie apartment; Clearing out a cellar, discrete disposal of the specific waste and additionally a basic cleaning - we do everything and work fast, reliably and discreetly.
Professional competence and reliability are our requirements when collecting, transporting, storing, treating, recycling or disposing of waste.

We guarantee professional disposal.

As you can see - whether private, commercial or commune - we are the right service provider for waste management in Berlin. We guarantee you environmentally friendly and economical disposal and recycling of your recyclables and waste.

Compared to other companies that offer bulky waste disposal in Berlin, we are much cheaper with the same or even better service. See for yourself!
Call us and together we will find an optimal solution to recycle and dispose of your waste and recyclable materials in an environmentally sound and economical way.
We will make you an offer for your individual disposal task and advise you professionally and competently with your questions.

We will not disappoint you!

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