Welcome to KURIER 247!

KURIER 247 is an all-inclusive Professional Service provider that delivers Removal Service and Furniture Transport Service. Affordable price with a top-quality solution for private, residential and commercial clients in Berlin, Germany. From our humble beginning as a start-up company offering professional services in Berlin, Germany, we have expanded to provide a spectrum of services to make your life a lot easier. After successfully delivered all those services with top quality and great feedback from our clients we have started to deliver in Berlin, Germany "Same day Courier Service" Solution to our service list.

Same Day Courier-

Since our inception, we have quickly grown to become a one-stop-shop for all your home care or office care and improvement needs, Backed by a team of highly trained and skilled professionals we are offering Same Day Courier Service in City or outside the city around in Berlin. We are working with several friendly, reliable and experienced Courier people to deliver the best experience to our clients. Our service is fully insured! You can send your Goods and Parcels without Worried!

Affordable Same Day Courier Services-

We have not only garnered a strong reputation as a trusted courier service provider in Berlin, Germany among our customers for efficient and timely delivery, but we have also built strong relationships with some of the reputed and high profile local suppliers. This means that we can offer our customers the most competitively priced Same Day Courier services in the market. We try our best to provide great deals on courier services in Berlin, Germany by collaborating with the professional courier companies. Whether you are looking for a local courier service in Berlin or same-day courier service around in Berlin, we assure you to offer the lowest prices in Germany.

Our Top-notched Courier Solutions-

We are offering different types of Service Package to our client. So that you can decide which package, you will need for your delivery.

  • Bike

  • Cargo Bike

  • PKW (Small Car).

  • Station wagon (Medium Size Delivery Van).

  • Transporter (Large Delivery Van).

How Same Day Courier Work-

We have a strong professional service team that is offering the best service to our customers. As soon as our customer making a booking through our Service platform is going to our entire service partner who is available in the zoon area. They will check the booking carefully and who is suitable and can pick up your order on time will accept the booking. So you do not need to worry about it at all, either the goods will fit in the car or not, etc. It is our responsibility to make sure we will have a proper delivery Van for you according to your booking.

As soon as someone will accept the offer, clients will get a confirmation through email and on clients profile on our platform

Why choose us as Your Courier Partner?

At Real Support, we are passionate about on-time package delivery and persistently striving to offer the highest level of service and satisfaction. By providing quality and on-time courier services, we have successfully established ourselves as a leading same-day courier provider in Berlin.

  • We are one of the fastest-growing same day courier companies

  • On-time delivery guaranteed

  • Cheapest and quality services

  • We offer a range of delivery options to meet the specific delivery demands of our customers

  • We provide reliable, tailored, and best delivery solutions

  • Our service is fully insured

  • We offer service with a fixed time delivery guaranty.

Pick UP & Delivery-

As we have many service partners in the City and around the city for Same Day Courier. We can pick up the Order according to our client’s Schedule time. We Have an estimate pickup time is around within 30 min period from booking scheduled time.

As we are working as Same Day Courier, We deliver our goods to a client in the next possible hours and of course on the same day. We have an estimate Delivery Time for Goods is within 2 hours period from Pickup time in the City areas. In addition, within as soon as possible outside the city areas from the Pickup time.

If you have any special requirements for your Booking, as well as any query related to our services, then do not hesitate to give us a call on +49 1736086617. We are happy to serve you.

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